Friday, March 28, 2008

The Importance Of Being Literate

McIlheran thinks he scoring a point in favor of his hero, Scott "The Weasel" Walker, by pointing out that Senator Lena Taylor points out that Walker never finished school. McIlheran doesn't talk about why Walker quit school. (Some have said he was kicked out, but my information indicates he quit. After losing a school election. To a write-in candidate.)

He does reluctantly admit that education is important. He even more reluctantly admits that finishing what one starts is also important.

What he doesn't do is tell the whole truth. From Senator Taylor's online chat at JSOnline:
Q: Bill of Wauwatosa - Do you believe that a college degree is a requirement to be a county executive?

A: Lena Taylor - Bill, thanks for your interest in this election. A college degree may not be a requirement for county executive, but I have pointed this difference out between my opponent and myself because I believe that it speaks volumes about our ability to get the job done. My life experiences show a drive and sense of commitment which I believe is lacking in my opponent. When I set my mind on a goal, I stick with it until it is completed. Our education is but one example of our commitment and ability to the get the job done. My opponent was elected county executive and almost immediately began his campaign for governor. He abandoned the job we elected him to do because of personal ambition. For almost two years, while he campaigned for governor he was absent. During this time when the county was without the services of a full-time county exec, the problems multiplied. We now have $300 million in deferred Parks maintenance alone, the pension problems which happened on his watch continue to multiply, county health insurance is out of control, and the county lacks a coherent strategy to promote and develop economic growth. At the same time, my opponent continues to be the poster child for bad relationships with others to get the job done for Milwaukee county whether it's within our county, our region, state or federal levels. A college degree may not be a requirement for being the county executive, but in a county where less than 20% of individuals have a higher degree - we need a leader that will lead by example so we can encourage growth in this area. My opponent's lack of college degree speaks volumes regarding his priorities and his ability to complete what he starts. Moreover, would his credentials warrant his salary in the corporate arena, or an increase in pay by $50K when his management has cost us millions of dollars at the HOC, jail, courts, Huber, mental health, etc.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm sure McIlheran went to school and got a degree. But I think we all know whose school of thought he takes after.

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