Friday, March 28, 2008

They're Barking Up The Wrong Tree

The squawkers, every last one of them, is rabid in their desperation to get at Justice Louis Butler. They really, really, really want Gableman in the supreme court. Gableman is the best candidate that WMC money can buy.

But, as I have been reading the tireless Illusory Tenant parse, fisk, debunk, expose, lampoon, and otherwise disprove the faulty arguments presented by those who are desperate to take control from the people in favor of Big Business and the uber-rich, a trend came to my attention.

While the right consistently squawk that Butler is a "liberal activist judge" or being "pro-criminal", it is that they just don't like his rulings. His rulings only follow the law as it is written. That is when it occurred to me that they don't really think that Butler is the problem, they think that the law, as it is written, is the real problem.

Instead of fixing the law, they would rather attack Butler, and try to get their hand-chosen, groomed and controlled activist judge on the Supreme Court, like they did with Ziegler, so that they can just ignore the law.

Then another thought occurred to me. The penal code was revamped in the not so distant past. Back in the latter parts of the 1990s. Unfortunately, when the laws were revamped, the work was not finished. This lack of follow through has contributed to the high incarceration rate in Wisconsin, and can be directly related to the higher taxes we are paying to house the criminals.

And who takes the most pride in this incomplete job of reconstruction, thereby increasing incarceration, and jacking up our taxes? Yup, Scott Walker.

Seeing this line of thought, it would only be proper for the right wing to stop attacking Butler on baseless allegations, and go after the guy who did cause the problem. Please excuse me for not holding my breath while the waiting for the right wing squawkers to do the right thing.

ADDENDUM: For more on Gableman, and his questionable background, I would refer the gentle reader to this fine piece of research by Clyde Winter.


  1. Thanks capper. The research and column to which you referred would have run this week in the Ozaukee News-Graphic and, as my regular column, but the new editor decided not to run it. That's the second time that's happened in the last couple months, and only the second time in six years in writing my column.

    So I appreciate your mentioning my post, and helping get the timely truth out to people.

  2. Clyde,

    Your artticle is posted at Are you saying it will not be in the print version of the Graphic?

    Think it's time to organize a letterwrtiting campaign to the new editor. What's her/his name?

  3. Let's be clear.

    What WMC and other conservatives want is a jurist who will pass every pro-corporate ruing imaginable.

    Put simply. Catering to greed.

  4. Come on, KR. Everyone knows that the wonky, legal answer doesn't "poll well". Talk about sex offenders instead! We need justices who can attract the big bucks! This is national money coming into Wisconsin and being handed to the media - consider it economic development!