Wednesday, March 26, 2008


FOX News likes to pretend that they are fair and balanced. They maintain this facade even though everyone knows it to be a joke.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is stealing a page from FOX's playbook.

In today's Regional Briefs, the have the following blurb:
Policy Research Institute offers alerts

Thiensville - The Thiensville-based Wisconsin Policy Research Institute is offering a new feature through its Web site that provides notification electronically when a new report or commentary from the institute becomes available.

For details, see

The nonprofit institute was established in 1987 to study public policy issues affecting Wisconsin.

Funny thing is, the supposedly liberal-leaning MJS is giving free publicity to a conservative think tank, but I don't recall a single mention of One Wisconsin Now, nor of that fine group when they started up their WMC Watch.

Just remember this, gentle reader: You can't always trust the local paper. And you can never trust those that label it as liberal.

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