Thursday, March 27, 2008

Through A Glass, Darkly

You all remember Mark Block, doncha? He's the mouth behind (Some) Americans For Prosperity and the genius who put out a press release saying that he was bringing Civil rights pioneer Roy Innis to town to talk about "the dark side" of Global Climate Change.

Well, now Mark is putting all that writing dexterity to blogging and, like so many of us did as newbie bloggers, he's blogging about blogging. Only, and this is the part that made my head hurt, he's blogging about James, blogging about Block blogging and uses the entire block-Block-blog-quote from James' post about Block's post.

This makes Fischer's self-referential (self-reverential) fave five look positively Steinbeckian. It reminds me of those Infinity Boxes that someone was always building back in High School.


  1. His writing has the cadence of "see Spot run."

  2. And the insight as well