Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Sign Is Charlie?

How about the sign of desperation?

And here's a sign despite the hand wringing of Joe Scarborough the conservative purient interest over Rev. Wright is loosing steam.

The off-shoot of the episode of course was Barack Obama's brilliant speech on Tuesday. They must have picked over this like a Thanksgiving turkey two hours into the feast.

Now it all comes down to this from Cheap Shot Charlie Sykes. In referring to the statements about his grandmother and her leariness about black people, Obama chalked these sentiments up to the way an average white person thinks. Clearly an off-hand remark.

Charlie of course felt he struck gold...
Think about it: can you imagine any Presidential candidate, in any context, describing anyone as a "typical black person?" Or a "typical Asian person?" Worse, what Obama said was that the "typical white person" views others of different races with fear and suspicion.
And then the payoff pitch:
Obama appears to be digging himself in deeper and deeper.
Hardly Charlie. In fact that concluding statement reaks of farce.

Here's a suggestion to enhance the quality of your radio show. Why not talk about real issues rather than the continual fishing for statements which you then magnify into gaffes?

Oh, I'm sorry. When it comes to GOP policies Charlie really can't afford to talk about issues because if people would wake up to the screwing in store for them by his favorite party, even his sheep might wake up from their slumbers in the pasture.

Or maybe Charlie isn't concerned about quality.


  1. Charlie isn't interested in quality. One has to only look at one of his books to see that.

    Chuckles is more interested in quantity-As in what quantity of money will he get for shilling the right's talking points.

  2. Isn't Charlie just sharing a sentiment originally voiced by a left-wing Clinton supporter?

  3. Capper -

    1. It seems that you took a sliver of what Charlie was speaking about and then sliced and diced as you saw fit.

    2. Please be honest - a black person stating that someone is a "typical white person" is held to a significantly different standard than a white person saying that someone is a "typical black person".

  4. Sometimes you can hang these things on people because it is clear they mean it.

    Honestly, do you think Obama really means this?

  5. It's true. You may not like the messenger, but to describe anyone using the word "typical" is a stereotype that usually is negative. We are sensitive not to do it with minorities or ethnic people, but the truth is when it is said about white people it doesn't seem to matter.

    Personally, I don't know what Obama meant when he said, "typical white person", do you?

    What bothers me more is that he made it sound like white women are racists if they cross the street when they see a strange (black) man coming towards them. I don't care what race the man is women should always be aware of their surroundings, and if they don't feel right about a situation they should cross the street. Women shouldn't worry about being PC or offending a man whether they be black, brown, or white. I am so annoyed with Obama for saying this idiotic comment.

  6. Yes people are weary unfortunately of black males, but as Michael Moore so cleverly points out we should have more to fear of gangs of Rich white men.

    Obama was not condemning his grandmother because obviously he highly regards her, or other white women, he was just making an observation about their attitudes.

    Of course when you cherry pick you will find what ever you want. To bad for conservatives that the latest CBS poll found that 70% of people who knew about the Obama speech agreed with what he said, and that leaves out of course people with an agenda who don't give a crap about what he said.

    So it looks like it is time we get off of this and talk about real issue.

  7. What is unfortunate is that women HAVE to be weary of black, brown, and white males coming towards them while they walk down a street. That's what so freaking unfortunate, and who's to blame? The women? Hell no. Get real. There is nothing racist about a woman crossing the street if she see a man of any color come towards her. You and Obama want to pick out the color black for the man and white for the woman, fine. That doesn't change the fact that women need to protect themselves, and if that means cross the street then so be it!

  8. Obama was just making an observation? Oh, please. Reverse racism is not any less racist -- or it's okay with you if he says "typical Asian people" or "typical Latino people"?

    Wake up. When even Charlie Sykes gets it, you are not seeing what is right in front of you. Ask yourself this: Would MLK say "typical white person" in a speech claiming to transcend race? No.

    And guess what, guys, he didn't say "typical white male" -- he said "person." You want to think only older white women will be called racists? You're on warning now, too.

  9. Jamie-

    I didn't write the post, kr did.
    But that is beside the point. Why is racist to point out racism?

    When I was growing up, I lived in an all white neighborhood, with a neocon father. I was taught that all minorities were bad. That they would rob, rape, kill at a drop of a hat, just because of the color of their skin. When I went to college, I was terrified...until I saw through the racism that I was rasied in, and recognized the truth.

    For the right to try to make a stink out of someone pointing out the generations of racism that still is araound today, and to call it racist, is hypocrisy at its lowest point. It only goes to show how desperate the right must be feeling to resort to blatant hate and fear-mongering.