Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Updating The Royal Blogroll

I am adding two new additions to the Reality Based Blogs.

The first is "Hearts and Minds", a blog written by Clyde Winter. To be honest, when I first learned of this site, I was a little put off. Not by the quality of his writing, but by the simple fact that he also writes a column for Greater Milwaukee Today. GMToday is also the "proud" hosts of columns by Belling and McBride.

But after doing some perusing, I found that Mr. Winter is not only a more than capable writer, he is also a reality-based writer. He pursues many topics and he does his homework where few others (including myself) extend themselves that far very often. The thing that sealed the deal is when I observed a recent post of his that managed to tick off Brian Fraley and Bob Donhal at the same time. A feat worthy of entering the Royal Blogroll in and of itself.

The other new addition is a post called "Milwaukee Social Worker BLOG". It is written by Social Worker, but has also been observed to comment under the tag of Milwaukee Social Worker. MSW has also fearlessly tangled with some of the commenters on BadgerBlogger, including the likes of PCD and Mickey.

Now, not only is MSW a clever acronym for those of us in the field, but MSW also writes about things near and dear to this king's heart--the simple act of trying to make other people's lives a little bit better.

So, dear reader, I encourage you to drop by and visit these good people. Tell'em Whallah! sent you.


  1. Gmtoday.com is also the sponsor of my weekly column that appears in the Waukesha Freeman every Thursday. Always worth the 50 cents.

  2. Thanks Capper- I appreciate the shout out :) I hope that I can continue to tangle with the badgers and keep them on their toes... who else would defend those who can't- Thanks.

  3. Thanks for noticing "Hearts and Minds", which archives my regular free lance column that is published in the Ozaukee News-Graphic and the on-line Greater Milwaukee Today dot com newspaper. Both are general readership newspapers, and my column certainly breaks new ground where it is most needed. Until I (and columnist Tim Schilke) began writing for this widely circulated publication, there was no alternative analysis presented to the views of Mark Belling, Jessica McBride, James Wigderson, and Owen Robinson.