Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They Never Stood A Chance, Part Deux

We told you last week about how Illusory Tenant was most kind in granting us a boon by parsing some of the silliness that emanates from McBride's newest blogsite, Election Warp Wisconsin.

Now observe how his kindness and diligence towards the causes of truth and justice know no bounds.

First he observes that McIlheran starts to parrot McBride's ill-informed and even more poorly interpreted post. iT takes it upon himself, again without recommended protective gear, to take on the task of correcting the record.

Then McBride comes out with new and not improved facts (as she perceives them). iT again corrects her in this post.

McIlheran again parrots McBrides inaccurate allegations, and sets the record straight. Not only does he posts on it, but then submits it to McIlheran's site as a rebuttal.

McIlheran, in what we hope is play-acting at being obtuse (if he is genuinely this obtuse, he would need a picture book instruction manual on how to breathe), takes artificial outrage in an effort to distract from the fact that he can't argue against the facts. iT again patiently points out that this time McIlheran is intentionally lying, instead of just parroting lies. (On a side note, Other Side also enters the fray on McIlheran's site. But you can't teach an old brick new tricks.)

So, the illustrious one spends a greater part of his weekend to do an independent analysis of the data and finds that the facts gasp Justice Butler's original assertions, and that the McGoof twins are full of fecal matter.

Not only did the Tenant find that McIlheran willingly fail to do the minimal in basic journalism, but he also found out that McIlheran was actually present during an interview with the good Justice, and yet willfully fails to tell the truth on the matter. iT leaves off with a very good question for McIlheran, one that I'm afraid I already know the answer to:
eta: This comment was left on McIlheran's blog Sunday evening (containing no HTML commands):

I played your numbers game for you, Mr. McIlheran. It also turns out that Justice Butler had previously explained the basis for the percentage in advance to you, when you were literally sitting across a table from im.

It's all on my blog. Go have a look.

My only question at this point, Mr. McIlheran, is: Are you going to give your apology to Justice Butler at least the same prominence that you gave McBride's hatchet job?

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