Friday, March 7, 2008

Losing His Religion

Earlier today, I had the misfortune of being in the car just before noon, with the radio on to TMJ.

I heard that James T. Harris was going to be filling in for the ailing Jeff Wagner, and he was on Sykes' show, giving a promotional of what topics he was going to blather on about for the next two hours.

During the exchange, Harris referred to the "Chocolate Jesus," as is his wont. Sykes found this funny, and asked if Brett Favre could be known as the "Cheddar Jesus."

I was astonished that Sykes was being so light-hearted over a religious slander, and then making one himself. After all, wasn't this the same Sykes that just five months ago, was joining McBride in foaming at the mouth because a group made a poster spoofing a painting regarding a Bible story?

I guess he only gets upset about people spoofing art, and not actual blasphemy.


  1. Speaking of Jessica McBride. Way to come back, pick on African American guys. Two posts, actually 30 rather incoherent words and what has she accomplished? Spencer Coggs, Eugene Kane and still whether she like it or not Alderman McGee in two days andthirty words.

    Great job Jessica, that's a sure way to make a comeback from whatever has kept you spewing your biased venom for a while.

    That should signal wing nutcakes thatyou still have what it takes to be an upstanding community leader and spokesperson.

  2. Yeah she was worried about some c word. Won't get that far. How about b? Bigot, bias, badmouth, boorish, befuddled, bewitched, bigmouth anyone want to add some other thoughts?

  3. I guess Jessica McBride couldn't fin any African Americans to denigrate tin the news today. Or myabe she couldn't compile ten incoherent words to make a post.