Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Harris Needs To Open Both Of His Eyes

James T. Harris posts up an extraordinarily inane piece, even by his standards. It also shows he must not read Whallah!, because he makes the same mistake that Kevin Fischer made, regarding the whole Spitzer scandal:

Ok... If you are in power and you get caught cheating on your wife:

1) The humiliated wife must wear light blue and stand by her man.

2) The man must wear a dark suit, red striped tie and keep the speech short.

3) Call it a private affair, apologize to the family and wait for the lefties to excuse your sin and dismiss all illegality by saying, "it's just sex."

4) Wait a few days and pray for a bigger story to bump your scandal from the news cycle.

Remember, morality is private and subjective... Unless you are a conservative.

I don't remember personally, but does anyone remember the colors that the Vitters or the Craigs wore when these conservatives had their downfalls?

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  1. Vitter's wife was dressed in wild animal prints when he had his time at the mike, kind of dressed up like a...