Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Are The Comments, McBride?

Yesterday, Whallah! told you about McBride's new blogsite which was supposed to be about watching the elections coming up in less than two weeks. Last night, we alerted you to a cursory review of her wildly inaccurate and blatantly biased (so much for journalism, eh?) post on Justice's Louis Butler record, which was skewered by a real attorney.

Last night, I noticed two comments left on her post. Both were left by our intrepid Sir Zachary the Blue Knight. One pointed out that she was completely inaccurate in her misstatements, the other provided a link to the post by Illusory Tenant.

Both comments have since been deleted.

Why did she do this? Since she is married to an attorney, one must rule out a bias against attorneys. It must be the usual reason--the phobia the conservative right has towards the truth and towards reality.


  1. doyenne? oh yes, Ms. McBride the elder spokeswoman.

    Cap you forgot to mention, that McBrides missing comments are especially meaningful since, unlike the hate left, she doesn't allow anonymous comments.

    So Ms. McBride had to first approve the comments .....then what....after review by legal counsel.....remove them?

    Uh IT, maybe she's applying for the position of dingus batus.

  2. You'd think a "journalist" like Jessica would be more supportive of my right to free speech, but apparently her blogs aren't free speech zones.

  3. Or perhaps her blogs could be more accurately described as speech-free zones.