Friday, March 28, 2008

I Hope She Knows A Real Attorney

I think I owe Illusory Tenant an adult beverage or two. You see, he is my friend, and he says he likes me, when he is not hating me. He doesn't like it when I point out some of McBride's goofiness to him, as that she takes it to a whole new level. I can fully appreciate his not appreciating being exposed, repeatedly, to negative stimuli.

However, McBride has apparently surpassed even herself, in inappropriateness. She levels some serious allegations against Justice Louis Butler. I had thought of copying iT's entire post, it is that good. And that damning. However, I will just go with this part of it:
Let me say it again: McBride's is an extremely serious charge to level against a sitting Justice of the State Supreme Court, and it may well even be actionable.

Fortunately for McBride, while the charge is serious, and almost unspeakably irresponsible without any proof of it — to put it mildly — it's absolutely impossible to take McBride seriously, although it's unclear whether that is an effective defense against a defamation action. Unless McBride's blog is parody, which is entirely possible.

A bit further along, immediately before the 2007 bar chart, McBride hoots:

And then, immediately after the chart,

(Note: You're reading it right. The court as a whole got less pro criminal)
Got that? Right after essentially accusing Justice Butler of some fairly profound professional and judicial impropriety, she apparently acknowledges that the same "trend" affected the entire court.

It's hard to believe, it truly is.

Perhaps someday somebody can explain to me why anyone in their right mind takes this person's "journalism" at face value, let alone trumpeting it uncritically in a major metropolitan daily newspaper and linked to by any self-respecting "blogger" for reasons other than perversely comic entertainment.

And did McBride the pretend statistician factor her conclusions to correct for Butler's declining inclination toward 'pro-criminality'?

Unlikely. What a complete and utter farce.

You can and must, by royal decree, read his entire post here.


  1. Great job by it. Too bad we don't have a newspaper that would publish it rather than McIlheran's crap.

  2. She was going to have her husband sue someone for using the allegedly "c" word? And she calls Justice Butler a crook who is lying and distorting his record to get elected? Not to mention as the Illustious Tenant pointed out that she is accusing him of forming opiniongs and casting votes on people's lives to change his public perception to get elected.

    Does she even understand or grasp the seriousness of her defamatory allegations?

  3. It seems that after this posting McBride decided to change the subject. With no disrepect for the pastor, her last post is irrelevant and candidly if I did not have an opinion in the appeals race this would have made my decision. I really question the qualifications to sit as an appellate judge by a man that would go to church and ask for a letter to support his conservative values assertions in an election.