Friday, March 14, 2008

Fischer Does A Whallah! On Himself

We have seen a certain phenomenom with the right wing local media. Belling, McIlheran, Sykes, and McBride have all done it. I am referring to using faulty facts, if not just making up shit, to try to make a point.

But never before have I seen one admit it. It was usually up to Whallah! to have to point it out.

But now, with a tip of the hat to John Michlig, we see Fischer do his own Whallah! on himself.

You may remember the post about Fischer needing a fact checker. Well, a couple of commenters on Fischer's blog pointed out his error. Fischer responded:

I was well aware of the disclaimer by the Tax Foundation when I posted this entry. Obviously, I had no problem with this post (after all, I plastered it on my blog) because I had an important point to make.

Yup, you read it right. Or as John paraphrased it, "I knew the information was wrong, but I posted it anyway because I had an important point to make."

Sheesh, if they keep this up, we'll be out of business.


  1. You are surprised that they make shit up or that they are dumb enough to get caught? Some of these "public servants" are so used ti getting away with shit, they can't imagine they wii ever be questioned much less caught.

    Then they get their colleagues to lie and cover their tracks. Once in a while though, if you get a slimebag with enough evidence you can watch them tumble.

    Rove, Rummy (how appropriate, Gonzales, Scooter, Brownie and a few more.

    So some of the local amateurs shouldn't be so cocky thinking they are above the law and not accountable to the public or regulatory authorities.

    Unfortunately, the bulk of the mainstream media reporters are either too intmidated or prevented for financial financial reasons from lwtting the public know what scumbags they are.

    So Wallah! and others that care about the truth do the job better and for personal gratitude rather than personal gain.

  2. He works fulltime for a State Senator.
    He blogs for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's site.
    He appears on WHA-TV's "Interchange."
    Who is going to make him take any responsibility for this dishonesty?

  3. Every dog has his day.