Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shepherding McBride

From the Shepherd Express's Expresso section:

McBride Continues Irrational Crusade: Former reporter and right-wing radio host Jessica McBride, never known for her deep sensitivity—she was one of the few hardhearted souls who mocked Parkinson’s-afflicted Michael J. Fox—is continuing her irrational crusade against illegal immigrants. But this time she’s using her UW- Milwaukee students as her trusty assistants.

McBride has been bashing immigrants for years now, knowing that she can inflame both sides of the political spectrum with her over-the-top attacks. First she used her blog. Then she was going to research illegal immigrants in the corrections system for the conservative Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. Just after she announced her project, her husband, former Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher, started quoting stats on the very same topic during his failed campaign for state attorney general. Cory Liebmann, then blogging independently, pointed out the coincidence, and McBride dropped her project. Bucher lost in the primary to J.B. Van Hollen.

But the crusading McBride hasn’t given up on her misguided dream of demonizing immigrants—she’s just using her students at a public, state-funded university to advance her agenda. This past week, Frontpage Milwaukee, an online student publication, published an investigative piece on illegal immigrants in the corrections system. The paper’s faculty supervisor is—you guessed it—Jessica McBride.


  1. Isn't this continued abuse for her own purporse bordering on if not illegal?

    How long are we going to let her ride the coattails of her now drop kicked loser of a husband that couldn't even get his neighbors votes?

    At leat we don't have the McBride Family running for Supreme Court.

    You know, these people have nothing to companin about the Clinton's for.

  2. Students CHOSE their projects and the've also done award winning investigative stories on the MPD not disclosing cops' criminal backgrounds and the lack of MPS students at UWM.

    So, I guess you really have a problem with this particular group of students then...

  3. Hey, it's McBride commenting anonymously herself.