Friday, March 14, 2008


We all remember how national conservative squawking head, Laura Ingraham, channeled her inner Ann Coulter and Jessica McBride, and ripped on Wisconsin icon and permanent Green Bay Packer Brett Favre for becoming emotional during his press conference in which he formally announced his retirement.

Then when the hoo-ha with Elliot Spitzer hit the news, she tied the two events, and did some major backpeddling regarding her offensive comments about Favre. But, I, like many people found her supposed apology somewhat lacking. One would think that even if she made a gross blunder, a national voice would know how to apologize. However, the ever-observant Illusory Tenant provides us with the reason why she came up so short:

If she had read any of his books, she probably would have known better.


  1. Oh no...what did Laura say about Brett Favre? I missed it. I used to like watching her on the cable news shows, but I noticed she has been becoming more and more O'Reilly-ish. I can only take him in very small doses.

  2. She basically ridiculed Favre for crying and getting weepy. She called him the "NFL's first female quarterback" among other things.

    Fred probably likes her.

  3. She obviously needs glasses. There is nothing feminine about Brett Favre. :) :)