Friday, March 7, 2008

Those Poor, Poor Exburbanites

McIlheran bewails the fate of the poor, genteel folks in western Waukesha County. He warns against doom and gloom that would surely befall them if the state were to pass the Great Lakes Compact.

Unfortunately, the majority of state senators don't see it the same way. Add to this that Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson also supports the compact.

Making McIlheran's misery complete, the Brawler has already noticed this:
What McIlheran omits, of course, is that the mayor of Waukesha supports the Compact -- and is catching hell from County Republicans about it.

You'd think that'd be worth mentioning. But it undermines McIlheran's argument so it's just cast aside.

You can read the Brawler's whole post here.

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