Monday, March 17, 2008

Do You Know Any Good Divorce Attorneys?

Or is just that his ratings are coming in lower than expected?


  1. Jessica McBride knocks free enterprise and lack of family valuse.

    Well Jess must still be breathing. There is some incoherenet ramblings posted on her one remaining part time job. Or maybe they are both part time.

    From the GMToday

    In other words, Foley’s terrible personal choices were painted as a failure of the party to which he belongs.

    Yet, Spitzer’s choices aren’t being painted as a failure of the party to which he belongs. Neither were Jesse Jackson’s, Ted Kennedy’s, Bill Clinton’s, Jim McGreevey’s, and any number of other Democratic political sex scandals over the years.

    Ten bucks says, within 10 days, Spitzer goes to rehab. Within a week, the hooker will have a movie and book deal. It’s a sick society we live in.

    Why be selective Jess?

    Let's hear about the family values in the Sykes, Thompson, Cheney, Mcbride and Bucher families as well

  2. You'd think that if anybody would know a good divorce lawyer it'd be Charlie

  3. I think everyone should read the full GMT Today/Freeman column and count up how many different ways Jessica tries to have it in the column.

    My personal favorite: "Foley's terrible personal choices were painted as a failure of the party to which he belongs." That's right, because that party's leadership knew of Foley's terrible proclivity for making "terrible personal choices", some of whom were underage, and yet did nothing to address the problem before it became public and the GOP was linked to the scandal.

    She fails to distinguish party-linked scandals of Congress and the White House from Democrats and Republicans who had a personal scandal. For example, party affiliation had nothing to do with Jesse Jackson's extramarital affair--he happens to be a Democrat, but was not elected to office, so his affair is between him, his wife and the other woman. However, Larry Craig's solicitation for gay sex occurred while he was serving as a member of Congress, being paid by the taxpayers to represent the residents of Idaho, and presumably was only in the Mpls airport on his way to or from his Washington DC job. So yes, it was a Republican party-linked scandal. Why else would the Republican caucus have called for his resignation?

    Neither of these 2 examples (Foley, Craig) explains the viciousness with which these 2 "I'm not gay" legislators went after gay people who only wanted to marry, adopt children or just "be out" without being harassed.

    It's the hypocrisy, stupid.