Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is Mrs.Charlie Sykes pro-choice?

Anyone who listens to Charlie Sykes knows he professes to be anti-choice and attacks politicians who favor abortion rights. And he frequently does so in quite strong terms.

Now wouldn't it be interesting (to use one of Charlie's favorite words) if Mrs. Charlie Sykes were pro-choice?

Because, at least when she was Liz Woodhouse -- a regular on Charlie's show back in the late 1990s when he was otherwise married -- she was.

From a 1/10/97 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel column by Tim "Cup" Cuprisin:

... it's not precise to classify "Liz" as an "outspoken conservative." She seems more libertarian, mixing anti-big government views with a stand in favorof abortion rights. And when was the last time an outspoken conservative got fired for stating her views? That would be a huge story.

So does Mrs. Charlie Sykes hold those pro-abortion rights views today? Now, it is, of course entirely possible that the opinions expressed by Liz Woodhouse (real name Janet Riordan) were a lie, as was her name. Could Charlie have changed her mind since she expressed those views? Possible -- but the Brawler suspects that people's opinions on that issue are fairly set when they reach Liz's age.

But the question is: What does it say about Charlie Sykes that he would attack pro-choice politicians with the vehemence he does if his own wife holds -- or once held -- the same position? It couldn't just be an act? Could it?

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  1. Liz started out as just a listener, etc, going to pundit, and ended up being the third Mrs. Sykes. Didn't James T. Harris start out as a listener, and is now a pundit...