Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Rose By Any Name...

We pointed out this morning that Illusory Tenant found Sykes' use of a slanderous nickname for Justice Louis Butler to be rather trite.

James Rowen makes the same observation. He also adds the fact that Kevin Fischer, among many of the right wing squawkers, seems unable to refer to U.S. Senator Barack Obama without highlighting and even emphasizing his middle name:
The blog posting is a horse-race round-up of opinion about where the campaign stood at the time, discussing and referencing opinion about John McCain - - no middle name by Fischer, while he ID's Hillary Clinton merely as "Clinton."

Only Obama gets the middle name treatment.

This repetition of "Hussein" throughout Fischer's blog is cheap and classless, and as deliberate an act of denigration as are "Loophole Louie" and Laptop Leon."

But because it enables Fischer to wield an irrelevant fear-mongering club against Obama - - Hussein = Middle East/foreigners/Muslims/Saddam - - it's even sleazier.

I must say, I agree with the question that Mr. Rowen puts forth to these witless pundits:
So here's the question, fellas:

Why do you guys like to fool around so much with the names of Black public officials?


  1. And Capper now you will be accused of playing the race card.

    Well maybe not since McBride's not posting. What happened to her election "blog"? Maybe she's embarassed by the lack of quality, class and honesty that's been pointed out.

  2. It's not playing the race card if it's true. I've noticed this for a long time. They consistently use nicknames for black media figures. James T. Harris is in love with the "Chocolate Jesus" moniker. And it's not just the talking heads. Blog commenters consistently use Obama's middle name or entain themselves by rhyming with his last name.

    Not only is it extremely infantile, I liken it to a time in our past where they called their "peer group" by their given name and other ethnicity's were simply called -- boy.

  3. It isn't exactly analogous, but when I was a member of the GOP, Sensenbrenner spoke at a Lincoln Day brunch. He made great sport out of "Hillary Rodham Clinton". Over and over again, he'd emphasize her maiden name in his horrible whining voice. The crowd loved it. All the while, I couldn't stop thinking: this guy uses "F" for his first name, and HE'S making fun of her??