Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do What, Now?

Fischer blathers in a post about Spitzer:
Conservatives take responsibility for their actions.

A commenter named J Strupp begins the schooling:

"Conservatives take responsibility for their actions."

Really? All of them?

Then I suppose these guys will be holding press conferences explaining
they're "actions" in the near future:

Tom Delay

Scooter Libby (and Dick Cheney for that matter)

Rush Limbaugh (like Spitzer, came clean after being caught)

Bill O'Reilly (and his phone "conversations" with his female

Larry Craig (he's not gay. Honest.)

Don Rumsfeld and Abu Ghraib

President Bush and the War in Iraq

Oh, personal responsibility is in short supply on both sides of the aisle.

Maybe that's why Charlie is doing an Adultery themed show.


  1. "Conservatives take responsibility for their actions."

    That is a truly breathtaking statement.

    Audacity is never in short supply in the world of the dogmatic conservative.

    What a cartoon character.

  2. "Maybe that's why Charlie is doing an Adultery themed show."

    Like they say, stick to what you know.

  3. I won't defend what Spitzer did any more than I would defend Charlie, Belling or Bucher for their actions.

    Yep, I said Belling too. Bucher and Charlie screwed up families for lust. Belling is more politically accepted for being single, but listen to his show and his comments on women.

    Despite where our society is, sex with a person who is not your spouse is adultery.

    God said:

    "Thou shalt not commit adultery" Exodus 20:14

    It's not qualified. It doesn't say thou shalt not pay. It doesn't say if you are married.

    Pretty similar to:

    "Thou shall not kill" Exodus 20:13

    Luke 16:18 Whoever puts away his wife and marries another commits the sin of adultery.

    So before all the finger pointing and "he did it first" begins, take that walk and look in the mirror

  4. Belling is single? Nobody snatched him up yet?

  5. When is Scooter Jensen going to take responsibility for abusing his office?