Friday, March 14, 2008

Mickey Hearts Me And Lena Taylor

Taken from one of Badger Blogger's many attempts to discredit Senator Lena Taylor, mickey reveals my secret plan to take over the world:

mickey Says:

Patrick and Calvin, after my last post, I chuckled to myself that Crapper actually thinks that BITCHING about “THE PARKS”, is an issue that will help the ‘TOIDS. (as in LEFTOIDS).
Elections in Milwaukee and to certain extent Milwaukee County have become completely CENTERED around……
Those that GET. Vs. Those that PAY.
Dealing with the public, I’m often asked by normal Americans. “How does XYZ liberal get elected?” I explain with a few props.
I put a PENNY on the table for each DEPENDENT on LIBERAL POLICIES group that will vote for DOYLE or some other LIB hack.
1 Penny for UNIONS.
1 Penny for Trial Lawyers.
1 Penny for Naive students.
1 Penny for Gays.
1 Penny for Pro-Abortionists.
1 Penny for Racial groups and demogogues.
There could be more Pennies.
One Nickel for normal patriotic tax paying Americans, who get nothing for their vote.
6 Pennies for special interests and some benefit from government.
1 Nickel for normal work a day folks.
We lose.
Crapper is part of the 6 pennies.

Darn it. Now I have to come up with another secret plan...

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  1. I assume that the quote was really written by Mickey's 4 year old daughter, Jessica McBride or Paul Bucher.

    Uh no, stirke Jess and Paul, the math almost was correct.