Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Going Beyond The Pale

Before I say anything else, I would like to thank my readers and my friends for their public and private showings of support in the matter I am going to discuss.

As most of you know, I also have the privilege and honor of being able to post items at folkbum's rambles and rants. And as most of you also know, even though lately my focus has been heavily on the race for Milwaukee County Executive, I do post on various subjects, just not the blathering that emanates from squawk radio.

One of the subjects that I have posted about is my mother, who passed away from breast cancer eight and a half years ago. I loved my mother, and still miss her to this day. As she laid in her hospital bed, with my then-fiancee, now wife at my side, she made sure to tell me that she loved me, and that she was proud of the man I became.

Knowing this, one can imagine my anger when I saw the comments from Fred Dooley on this post. Dooley first wrote:

Throwing around the race card Capper?

Could it be that Coggs was showing bad form on intruding on someone else's press conference?

Kane is a cartoon....

Inserting labels and throwing them around without an ounce of proof.

That's low for even you.

Your mother must be so proud.
I pointed out to Dooley that my he was incorrect, as usual, and that my mother was deceased. I told him that I expected an apology for insulting her. Instead of realizing that he went over the top, and being a man about things, the reprobate took it further beyond the pale:

Dream on Capper.

You are the one throwing the racism label on the tab.

Writing about someoene[sic] of color does not make someone a racist.

People like you just throw labels around and never accept responsiblity[sic] for your own bad behavior. You would rather attack the scribe than consider that they just might have a point.

I'm sure your mother would not be proud of this side of you, attacking people without cause or evidence. I am sure your activity insults her, and I am sure I have not.
Now, I am an adult, and can handle confrontation, as when Dooley started to spread his poisonous vitriol on the blogsite of Fair Play, directing it at anyone and everyone. This is the same Dooley that bans people at the drop of a hat for saying something that he doesn't like. He has even banned Fair Play, who is about as level headed as they come.

Even more tiresome, like your average blogyard bully, Dooley then goes running home and whines like a spoiled little brat on how everyone is soooo mean to him. In the process, he only spreads more bovine fecal matter than the fertilizer spreaders on any ten farms.

Like I said, I can handle confrontation. He can call me whatever he wants, because it won't bother me. First of all, everyone knows that he is nothing more than a pompous, boorish lout. Second of all, he means nothing to me, and his words have no power over me. But when someone goes after another person's mother, that shows the true wretchedness in that person's soul. What he did is as deplorable as what Michael McGee, Sr. did to Charlie Sykes, when Sykes' mother passed away last year.

SIDENOTE: The picture was swiped from Brass League, formerly known as Other Side of My Mouth.


  1. The only upside is that Fred's disgusting comments made me instinctivly grab the phone and call my son. We talked a long time, debating--it's really more arguing that's been going on forever with him. We talked about his working at and attending UWM. He told me he once again heard mention of McBride in an uncomplimentary way. I asked him to take her class so he could blog about it. He told me I was crazy. He said he reads my blog and made me promise to work for Obama if he wins the nomination--yes, that was one of the debates, it lasted about a minute. He knows me too well. We argued what was worse, sexism or racism--he loves to correct me - since childhood - about how the two were not comparable.
    So, thanks, Fred. In the big picture you made yourself an even bigger ass. Made my son got that feeling of defending mom when I told him about your post and it reminded him to tell me he loved again during our conversation. Capper has probably remembered even more wonderful things about his mom. And, poor Fred only has hatred and embarrassment now. I would feel sorry for him but the only sympathy for the devil I have is on a CD.

  2. capper, I didn't start reading folkbum until around Christmas, so I was unware of what you, your family, and especially you mom went through before passing away. I am so sorry.

  3. Fred Is Nuts

    he can't be as stupid as he pretends.

    i think he does it to get more hits to his site.

    I saw where "Widder" pointed out his
    lies...now no more widder???

  4. Widder is welcome at any time anon, but spread any untrue rumor you like it fits in well here....

    Capper I'm sure you mother was a lovely woman.

    I am also sure she would not be proud of the way you attack people without provocation and place labels on them like you do so often and have done to me here. I never spoke ill of her, and I never would. I did speak ill of you. And that you deserve.

    And you really think my comment compare's to McGee suggesting that he killed his mother for an inheritance... Dream on Capper keep making those stretches. I suggested she would not be proud of the hateful man you have become, nothing more.

    I am sorry your mother passed but that does nothing to change the manner of your character and the way you sling labels around to attack your political opponents.

    You all can go on your merry way attacking me at will, I'm used to it and I never had the illusion that I might get a fair shake at the clearing house for hate that Capper has built up here.

    In context Capper the point went to the way you act, and you proved it here once again.

  5. Fred, if you don't like it, why do you keep coming back. Why don't you stay away like most people do from RDW?

  6. And by the way, Fred, you are so deep in denial, you could be up a croc's ass. Why don't you start taking some personal responsibility for a change.