Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes Terrorism Is OK

Fred Dooley prides himself on the fact that he can run his blog any which way he chooses, which is absolutely true. He also has repeatedly stated that he will not edit or remove a comment unless it is vulgar or goes over the line in personal attacks.

An example of how rigid Mr. Dooley is with this rule is when he banned 3rd way from his blogsite.

I guess that Mr. Dooley has either completely relaxed his standards, or he is actually OK with threats and insults, as long as they are coming from the right and are directed at a liberal of course.

To show you what I mean, Dooley has had a post up for about a week, in which he gripes about the estate tax. Even though the comments section has totally disintegrated into nonsense, Dooley leaves this post at the top of the site.

In the comments we do find this little gem:
grumps, you are as immoral as the Death tax. Supporters of the Death tax are worshippers of bigger and Orwellian government.

Grumps, I wish it had been YOUR mailbox blown up when you opened it. Maybe then you'd get a clue about terrorism. Oh, I forgot, your a Liberal Democrat.PCD
02.11.08 - 7:09 am #

Can you imagine how fast Dooley would have banned the commenter and called the cops if a liberal had said this.

So let this be a lesson to all of us. If you call Fred an innocuous name, your banned. If you wish someone would blow up in a terrorist activity, well, that's just OK.

No wonder some on the right hate being called hypocrites. It hits too close to home.


  1. Not to whine, but Owen took issue with my tweak of Mark Block who headed up the Americans for Bogus Prosperity event. Myself and other liberals are called communists, moonbats, you name it over at Boots and Sabers with sanctions for the labelers.

    The "men" on the right can dish it out but thet can't take it.

  2. The fun part is that I have no idea what mailbox the little troll is refering to as opposed to mine.

    If he wants to blow up my mailbox he'll have to spend 45 minutes digging it out right now.

  3. In that same thread, PCD had this to say:

    "Jack, I read, but unfortinately I think better than you do. Go back to your bong."

    Yes, it is unfortunate?

  4. Commenting at RDW is an exercise of futility. The debate their is controlled by a disrespectful few that are only interested in condescension.

    The place could foster debate if Fred wouldn't encourage disrespect and at least made an attempt to reign in the likes of PCD. I love that Fred has the gall to call his place "real debate".

    Some of the commentors at B's&S's are the same type of disrespectful idealogues, but an honest discussion of the issues can occur because Owen doesn't play along with the name calling.

  5. Not even condescension ... I think ridicule more descriptive.

    Not one comment from Fred or his minions ever addressed anything brought up regarding the true nature of estate taxes. The only rebuttals offered were second-hand stories, without name, facts or any chance at determining validity.

  6. I waded into that "real debate" and quickly abandoned it. There are some very, very angry people over there that are long on rage and short on facts and perspective.