Monday, February 18, 2008

Lines in the Sand

I hope that Sir Zachary the Blue Knight does not mind, but I also wish to add my two cents worth to the question of "Where's The Line?"

It has long been a peeve of mine that people like Sykes are able to give their pet politicians like Scott Walker and David Clarke (yes, Clarke is a politician, cuz he sure isn't worth squat as an enforcer of the law) a platform that includes free air time on his show and on his blog. It seems highly unfair that anyone running against these people doesn't receive the same kind of consideration from TMJ. But then again, since when has TMJ been know to be anything more than a shill for the conservative agenda anyway?

Oh, I know the usual arguments from the right. It's not a news show, it's entertainment. Sykes is just expressing his opinions. We need to counter the liberal MSM (wherever that might be is beyond me). All they are doing is trying to rationalize their misbehaviors.

But do these arguments hold water when the squawker is also a state employee? Especially when said employee is working for a state senator, who just so happens to be up for re-election in the fall?

As Zach pointed out, Fischer has now made the "big announcement" that he is going to be back on the air at WISN. (Given his sexist posts, he would be a good match for WISN, as I previously pointed out.)

I would like to point out that Sir James, librarian and barkeep extraordinaire, has a very reasonable and balanced post with some very good points. James also questioned whether this meant that Fischer would be leaving his postion as state Senator Mary Lazich's aide.

In the comments section, Fischer replied that he was not, and took what I thought was an unfair swipe at James, lumping him in, for the second time, with us low down dirty liberals.

James, the gentleman that he is, ignored the swipe, but did respond with some excellent points and questions. James comment is so good, that I will post it here, in its entirety:
Perhaps Kevin given your public role in a state senator's office it would be more responsible not to keep secret your "expanded role" with Clear Channel.

That said, do you think it's appropriate for a "News Talk" radio station to have as one of it's on-air personalities someone who works for the state legislature in a political role? When you were a practicing journalist, what would your reaction have been?

What is your view of a newspaper depending on politicians and their staff for content that they sell to the public? Do you not see the potential for conflict in both cases?

I realize it's not your problem. It's the problem of Journal Communications and Clear Channel. But unless your expanded role at WISN is cleaning the floors, your own journalism background should make you uncomfortable with the arrangements they have made.

james wigderson Homepage 02.18.08 - 9:13 pm #

Again, I have to ask, especially given Fischer's role at Lazich's aide, even if it is perfectly legal, is it ethical? Of course, I would say no, but I'm just biased towards fairness.

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  1. His narcissism knows no bounds.

    I, for one, encourage a high-profile for Mr. Fischer. He's the conservative cartoon character that we can point at and say, "Is THAT your ideal?"

    His pathology can be traced in the open book of his blog and the child-like comments he's left on the blogs of others. And he apparently lacks self-awareness as well as tact. What adult male with a shred of respect for his spouse would comment in public, as Fischer did earlier this month during his "good behavior" period: "No bottle of beer is worth $400, unless opened by and poured by and served to me by a scantily clad Mariah Carey"?

    WISN - here's your star!