Friday, February 8, 2008

F**k You, Mitt Romney

Apologies to our friend Illusory Tenant, who posted on Mitt Romney's departure from the race for the presidency. It was a concise post that appropriately, with restraint (kind of), portrayed Romney's farewell speech as an “idiotic and internally contradictory message.”

Anyway, the purpose for reproducing it here is to make a stronger statement ... one that Jon Stewart makes and one that needs more emphasis, thus the title of this post. Sometimes, it is necessary to resort to baser language, especially so those who nodded in agreement with Romney get the message.

(Note: This is my sentiment and does not necessarily represent the thoughts of the other members of Whallah)


  1. I have more respect for those that express their sentiments truly rather than hide around the dainty proscriptions of "debate."

    I'd have a lot more respect for these right-wingers if they came out and said what they really wanted to say about, say, Lena Taylor or (boogabooga) Michael McGee. They pretend to some sort of decorum, at the same time they play glissandos and fugues with code language. Go ahead, folks, drop the "n" bomb, call gays "fags," just get it out of your system.

    It's more painful watching you try to dress up your bigotry and call it principle and pretend that your politesse somehow gives you a moral advantage. Oooh, Mrs. Bucher, you were just so shocked that someone used a vulgarity (which I say you earned, but whatever) instead of the plainly racist attack on Taylor by Mark Belling? Entirely different standards of fairness, but this does not surprise.

    Attacking an argument because of naughty language, like Stewart's hilarious f-bomb here, makes you look more stupid than Stewart makes himself look (and he's playing it for comic effect).

    So, c'mon, (suburban Caucasians) (expletive deleted), let your flag fly!

  2. I never watched Jon Stewart in my life, but holy cow was this funny. I am the type of person who watches funny shows but rarely laughs out loud, but this had me literally laughing out loud. It felt good.