Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking It To Him

We here at Whallah! feel it our civic duty to do two main things.

One is to point out the fallacious reasoning and positions of the local right wing media.

The other is to say the things that need to be said, if we were given an equal platform.

Sometimes, in a rare moment, you, the public, are allowed to Whallah! on your own.

A prime example would be a reason post by McIlheran. In this post, he puts cites another right wing blogger who thought it was a poor move on Obama's part not to go into Wall Street, where the big bucks are. McIlheran ends his post with this:
Yeah, unless you happen to think business and commerce stink because other people make more money than you. It's soooo unfair, you know. Which is pretty much my understanding of where that state senator was coming from. Free country, I guess.

Earning more than just a little respect from me, McIlheran lets a lot of comments stand. Comments that many other right wing bloggers would have just deleted. Take a look-see, especially at some of the comments. They have the Whallah! spirit in them. To whet your appetite, here is one sample comment:


In defense of THE NATION and NEW REPUBLIC, back in March and April of '07 they were still carrying water for Hilary. And THE AMERICAN THINKER is a tad skewed to the right. STILL, you have presented clear evidence that OBAMA worked hard to try and help the poor in Chicago. IS it surprising that he was not totally successful? At least the problem of poverty in one the richest nations on earth is a priority for Obama.

My sense, no offense intended, is that you distrust Obama's organizing and union roots because of the perceived harm this will do to BIG BUSINESS. And I would suggest that it might be time to consider the health and wealth of everyone in this country instead of relying on business and the very rich to TRICKLE DOWN their profits to the rest of us.

These are the differences of vision that make our great country so dynamic and successful

MR. BigCAt

It does bring a tear of pride to my eye to see this.

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  1. Loved BigCat's other post and his take on the NY Times story on McCain:


    Let's review the highlights of your posts of the last 48 hours. 1) Obama=Jimmy Carter 2)Obama is a pretty boy. 3)Obama is a community organizing "screw up."

    When your moral indignation over the John McCain hatchet job by the NY TIMES flares up, don't forget to look in mirror. (By the way, I will give you even money odds that the McCAin story was a conservative inside job to try and torpedo the moderate candidate they hate and get MITT back in the race)

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a civil discourse on the issues instead of these tired character assaults?

    I'm glad you are trying to find the silver lining capper in Paddy's character, but the putz is leaving these up because he thinks he has some slam dunk answer, or to infuriate his conservative fans with this "obviously" off the mark comment.

    Also interesting are two developing memes in right wing blogger world...

    1) Obama has no legislative record. Check out this article from the DailyKos -- -- and let's start beating this nonsense to death.

    2) The insinuation that Obama is somehow leading a fascist cult a personality. Here it is a matter of "takes one to think he knows one."