Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McIlheran Takes A Quick Hit

No, it's not the kind of quick hit you're thinking of. The newest member of the Patrick McIlheran fan club makes an appearance in the letters to the editor in this morning's paper:
The news is more negative than positive

Patrick McIlheran's Quick Hit on Feb. 15 listed all the positive things that he thinks are happening in Iraq. Never mind that almost 4,000 Americans have been killed and more than 29,000 maimed since our disastrous and unnecessary invasion. And disregard that our current occupation is costing around $250 million per day, according to recent reports. But, hey, who's counting, since the good news is that our lucky kids and grandkids get to pay the bill?

McIlheran, like President Bush, is obviously a bright-eyed optimist and sees the glass as 1/8 full rather than 7/8 empty. The only thing lacking in his comments was a big mission accomplished sign like we saw on the deck of that carrier almost five years ago.

Edward Creamean Sr.

Whallah! has not been able to confirm this as of this posting, but we do believe that McIlheran does have a "Mission Accomplished" banner in his cubicle at MSJ.

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