Thursday, February 28, 2008

Score One For McCain

Last month, there was a discussion regarding whether talk radio was still relevant. There was serious doubt being expressed, even by the right wing pundits themselves.

The cause of their consternation was the fact that even though the majority of radio squawkers were spending all of their air time telling the faithful conservative masses that McCain was somewhere between Hillary Clinton and pond scum, Republicans still voted for him in mass numbers until he became the apparent nominee for the GOP.

Even though now most of the squawkers are reluctantly throwing their support behind McCain, there are still some that try to lord it over him in a desperate effort to show that they are still relevant.

Earn more than a small bit of respect from me, McCain showed that he has more class than all of the squawkers combined when he repudiated one of their ilk for their usual brand of fear-mongering and hate-speech:
"I apologize for it," the Arizona senator told reporters, addressing the issue before they had a chance to ask about Cunningham's comments.

"I did not know about these remarks, but I take responsibility for them. I repudiate them," he said. "My entire campaign I have treated Senator Obama and Senator (Hillary Rodham) Clinton with respect. I will continue to do that throughout this campaign."

McCain called both Democrats "honorable Americans" and said, "I want to dissociate myself with any disparaging remarks that may have been said about them."

Yes, I have more respect for McCain than I did before this incident. I'm still not going to vote for him, but I do respect him more than I used to. I just wish some of that gentility could have rubbed off on the local squawking heads when he was here.

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