Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Greed Of The Right

On Monday, Sykes spent a considerable amount of air time, and then posted, on an article that was in that day's paper. The article discussed how some people were considered wealthy enough to be subject to the alternative minimum tax, yet still eligible for at least a partial tax rebate.

Sykes asked the relative question of "What do you consider rich?"

The answers, and Sykes' reactions were amazing. When callers said that they thought a family pulling in $100k was well-off, Sykes gasped in disbelief. Then a lot of callers started saying that they didn't believe a person was rich until they brought in as much as a million dollars or even more.

Of course, this second group of callers would complain about having the cost of taxes on their quarter of a million plus dollar houses, the expense of their Mercedes and BMWs, and the cost of raising six or eight kids and then sending them to Harvard.

I couldn't help but think about it again tonight, as a huge snowstorm hits Milwaukee, about people that are homeless, people found frozen in their own homes, people that have children going hungry, and so much other suffering, and wonder how these people can complain?

For further thoughtful analysis, Jay Bullock took exception to the same sort of issue last week.

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