Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do They "Really" Want to Go There?

In the wake of all the stupid conservative harping and demagoguing on what Michelle Obama “really” said or “really” meant, one can't help but wonder whether the Republicans “really” want to go there? Mr. Populist at Daily Kos wonders just this and adds this about the “real” John McCain who:

... follows the usual "family values" profile of Republican social climbers. He divorced first wife Carol in April 1980 and married Cindy one month later. Infidelity? Hell no!... they were just "friends.

Ah yes, the forgotten first Mrs. McCain. You know the one who stood by her imprisoned husband, and was there during his months of physical rehab, all the while suffering through her own physical ordeals. She would later echo her skirt-chasing husband's comments that he was indeed a 40-year old man going on 25 after extra-marital affairs were revealed.

Aside from being the other woman and anorexic trophy wife, what is the second Mrs. McCain's “really” biggest claim to fame? Why, it's that:

... in 1989 she developed an addiction to perocet and vicodin, two powerful morphine based pain killers. In 1993 she was caught stealing percocet from supply of the American Voluntary Medical Team, a charity she founded to provide health care and medications to war victims in underdeveloped nations. The DEA was investigated her and with the intervention of her well connected parents and McCain himself, Cindy got off the hook with the usual 90 day trip to the posh rehab. The American Voluntary Medical Team folded shortly after it ceased to be a supply point for Cindy's opiate habit.

Do conservatives “really” want to reopen this can of worms?

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