Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wait A Cherry Picking Minute!

Sykes was kind enough to find a site of a right wing special interest group that did manage to do something honorable. Due to a lapse of judgment, a member of the Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee (WJCIC) who used an university system computer to do some emailing regarding Judge Gableman's refusal to sign on to a campaign pledge to have a clean campaign, as he tries, with the help of the WMC among others, to oust Justice Louis Butler.

However, fellow righty, and sometime guest pundit, Owen Robinson, lets slip that Sykes was "kind enough to excerpt some of the more troubling bits." In other words, Sykes cherry-picked the parts he wanted to make it seem as damning as possible. It does make one take pause to wonder, just what did Charlie leave out of his diatribe.

Our Royal Barrister, Illusory Tenant, in a rather unfair move, puts his keen mind and acumen against the relatively unarmed Sykes:
Some of the more entertaining portions of the e-mails concern Sykes himself. The committee briefly discusses, for example, an earlier Sykes cut-and-paste job from the Club For Growth's website alleging the committee's supposed "direct ties" to Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle and wonders whether it should formulate a response. Committee member Bill Kraus observes, "Replying to Charlie is the equivalent of getting into a pissing contest with a skunk."

Interestingly, in the same Sykes blog entry of January 3, which described the WJCIC as "a scam," longtime Republican Kraus is portrayed as the only committee member without a tie to Doyle.

You can read the how iT shreds the rest of their arguments here.

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