Sunday, February 10, 2008

How Not To "Man Up"

One of James T. Harris' favorite phrases is "man up." Perhaps he needs to learn what it means himself before he uses it.

Just yesterday, I pointed out that Harris committed the same infraction that a MSNBC host did. But the host was suspended. Harris is on the radio as I type this post.

Others have picked up on Harris' faux pas (foe paw in McBridean French). The illustrious Jay Bullock writes an open letter to Harris pointing out the hypocrisy of Harris' post, and the Blue Knight also has a nice summary of the blatant sexism occuring on the right.

But as I sat down tonight to survey the Cheddarsphere, I turned on the radio, only to hear Harris defending his post, mewling, "I wasn't saying it, I was only linking to it." What a manly way to admit an error.

And to make it even worse, Harris puts up another post criticizing Senator Clinton for not wanting to take part of a debate on MSNBC, after the incident. He felt that makes her weak. This is coming from a man who is always belittling people for not being good parents. He feels that Clinton should go to the debate, or be seen as weak, but he also the same guy who criticized Nancy Pelosi for going to the Middle East and visiting Syria.

He even questions why Bill Clinton wasn't going to punch the guy out. Like that would resolve anything. I could just imagine how the right would be jumping all over something like that. But this little tangent reminded me of another of his sexist rants blaming her for being too masculine. Her crime? Wearing pant suits.

The truly sad part of this whole debacle isn't even what Harris is saying. The saddest part is there are some on the right that feels that Harris didn't go far enough. They would refer to Chelsea campaigning for her mother has "whoring".

How utterly disgusting, hypocritical and classless.

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  1. "Toughen up! Do I get upset when I get criticized by studentsin the zoo?"