Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stuff To Share

Sometimes you just have to share the good stuff with your friends. Charlie shares with us every day and I'm not always properly grateful. He goes out and finds a piece of interest and then adds his own four or five words of analysis to it and sends it winging on its way under something called Sykes Writes. (More like Sykes Cuts and Pastes, but I digress.)

Tuesday he shared something he called the Best Email of the Day. I have seen it bandied about that if this was the best of the day, then reading through Charlie's Inbox could be the dreariest job in Milwaukee. Let's look at that missive Charlie thought so scintillating.
I haven't made up my mind yet, but I am putting together my Vote-For-A-Democrat-Kit to be ready to vote for Hillary. I've got some Anzemet for nausea and scopolamine for vertigo from a shady doctor, a Tyvek suit and Nitrile gloves to avoid any skin contamination, a tank of 100 percent oxygen to help clear my head and prevent nitrogen bubbles from forming in my blood as I return from the dark, punishing depths of Deomcratworld to the clear air of the real world, a bottle of tequila to give me courage (but it's cheap stuff so as to unconsciously punish me for doing something bad), and a stiff brush and a six-pack of Lava soap, for the long, long shower I'll need to try to wash it off me when I'm done. I can use my daughter's college fund to pay of the therapy for the next decade or two. The world needs ditch diggers, too.

All in all, a small price to pay, if it works.

The danger is, I vote for her and she wins in Wisconsin, Obama realizes he is a lightweight fraud and drops out, Hillary gets the duck hunter vote and cruises to victory in November, and it will all be my fault, because, of course, the universe revolves around me. I better get a 12-pack of Lava: I'll keep six in reserve to help scrub the hubris off me if she wins.

Jeff DavisEditor,

Whitetails Unlimited Magazine

Ha. Ha. Scintillating, non?

Now, I never realized that the organizational purpose of WTU was spreading political influence in the larger sense. I always thought it was a group of outdoors types who were banded together to improve hunting and preserve habitat. If they had to influence a lege it would be for support for programming or such. But now it's out. This Davis person, who is listed as Communications Director for the non-profit, has spoken for the entire organization and made it very clear that WTU will be just fine without the membership dollars or the Legislative support of a single Democrat.

Whitetails Unlimited is so flush with cash and so strong in its position that it feels comfortable having its lead communicator telling Democratic State Reps and Senators across America to go piss up a rope. I hope you'll all take a little time to share Jeff's email with your legislator. After all, Charlie thought this was good enough to share and Mr Davis thought it was good enough to share. I think you should share, too.

If you can spare a minute or two give a call to WTU and thank them for clarifying their position on the elections. I'm sure they'll appreciate the feedback and the attaboys.

Jeffrey Schinkten – President
Peter J. Gerl – Executive Director
William E. Gerl Jr. – Executive Vice President
David J. Hawkey – Vice President of Field Operations

Or you can drop their sponsors a polite note. Here's a list of companies who support the messages sent by Mr Davis.

Or you can just do what I'm going to do. I'm going to highlight Mr Davis remarks about duck hunters and run off enough copies for everyone at the Ducks Unlimited banquet tonight. WTU probably doesn't need donations from duck hunters anymore. I know they won't see another dollar of mine.

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  1. These intense obsessions with hygiene rival the Priestly caste of Leviticus. Just recently, we were treated to the deeply disturbing visual image of Patrick McIlheran in the shower. What's next, the de-lousing of Charlie Sykes?