Saturday, February 9, 2008

Defending the American Nightmare

Today is the big day for the AFP and their misnamed Defending the American Dream Summit.

On their list of guest speakers is Vicki McKenna, aka the other McBride. They are also going to have McIlheran and Fred Dooley of the also misnamed Real Debate Wisconsin.

To spare you the pain of having to read their self-acclaiming posts that they are sure to be writing, Whallah! saves you the trouble by hiring two actors to recreate their contribution to this event:

Unfortunately, we cannot tell which actor is portraying which character, as they are somewhat interchangeable.

Also on the list of guest speakers is the local right wing media's darling law enforcement official David Clarke. I kind of wish I saw his appearance, especially in light of his frugal use of taxpayer's money:
Sheriff Clarke wants to force his deputies to make their legal signatures legible, and anyone who they think is not legible is being referred to internal affairs. This is not a choice being given to the Captain’s, they have been ordered to find/start 5 cases every week.

For other insightful looks at their little shindig, I would refer the gentle reader to my piece on folkbum's as well as the work of the Motley Cow.

And I would be remiss if I did not point out how the Chief explains why they were still looking for attendees as recently as yesterday, or the lackluster of one of their other star speakers.

H/T to Watchdog Milwaukee for the Clarke piece.

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