Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Not So Free Market

McIlheran loves the free market. He feels that it is the panacea for whatever ails you.

No matter the subject, from education (school choice) to heathcare to global economics, free market strategies will clear it right up.

Well, almost any subject. Apparently, McIlheran feels that the free market isn't as important as one's God given right to smoke a cigarette. He is very upset because a condo association has banned people from smoking inside their own homes.

This isn't a government telling the people that they can't smoke. It's not the nanny state either.

It is the residents themselves, telling each other they can't smoke in their own homes.

If McIlheran really believed in the free market system, he would be behind this ban. He would just tell the smokers that if they didn't like the ban, they could just move. Like he does if someone is opposed to a WalMart being built in their neighborhood.


  1. Yup. The perfectly fine solution to this problem is to either convince people that you are correct, or move to a place where you are not subject to a private rule-making body.

  2. If consistency is the bane of small minds Paddy must have a really large head.