Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes, I Saw It

I did indeed see Fred Dooley's post misrepresenting the truth, and the truth about me. I have yet to decide if I really want to bother responding to it.

While I ponder if I will be bored enough to make all the corrections and refutations needed for that one post, I will leave you with the thoughts of Kay, who knows Fred better than she would care to, and Grumps, who has also tangled more than once with Mr. Dooley.


  1. Oh, Capper....

    It's just too easy....

  2. I go by "Private Discipline" in the Boots & Kittens chat room.

  3. I guess calling me a stalker for responding to his email isn't crossing the line, but, rather, he (Fred) was attempting to discipline me privately. Just knowing that is what he thought he was doing with me makes me want to puke.

    I am convinced most (not all) of the known conservative bloggers are absolutely off their rockers and have some serious anger management problems. They don't care about anything other than name calling and being right. They don't care about making the country a better place for the generations to come. They just want to be right because of their grossly inflated egos.

  4. I don't know, I've never had any problems with most of them. There's no one quite like Fragile Freddy. Trying to graft his despotic rules onto the conservatives as a whole is a bit unfair.

  5. That is true, Paul. I have enjoyed Wiggy's site, Dean at TC is cool, Owen is brief but mostly ok though I'm still wating for that beer from him, etc.

    Fred is in a league of his own (hey, how about a movie).

    I am amazed that you, Paul, and others still return to that place and try to engage that thin-skinned mini-meglomaniac.

    I won't do it.

  6. I wasn't trying to graft his rules on to conservatives as a whole. But, really you have to admit their choice of language and tactics is a bit brow raising many times.
    Just look how the guys on B&S are dressed. Unless there's a horse near by those uniforms make me nervous......

  7. My comments were about conservative bloggers like PCD, Peter, Roseindigo, Fred, Mickey, Fischer, and a few on the JT blogs. I know there are more than I listed but I can't remember their names at this time. I'd have to go searching and it's not that important. I don't read any conservative blogs now unless I am linked to them by other bloggers. But, when they comment on some other blogs that I do read they seem quite hostile over such ridiculous things.

  8. And if you knew what the "big personal insult" was, you would really wonder what is going on over their.

    Trust me, it was neither personal nor insultive.

  9. Fred and I worked out our differences. He offered to lift his ban on me, but I am going to remain banned until he becomes serious about fostering a "real debate".

  10. Are you going to share with the rest of us anytime soon Capper?

  11. To call what Fred and I may or may not do, "tangling," may be a little overstated. He makes me mad. I piss him off. It's okay. I've got absolutely nothing personal against him. It's his arguments I find fault with.

    He's got a couple of trolls in his comment threads that do wring my undies, though. There is little to no reading comprehension attempted by a couple of them. The name-calling and bile comes first and foremost and then is ignored or waved off as meaningless. The natter builds until something impolitic is posted and then Fred uses that as the raison de ban.

    In Fred's defense he has taken a couple of these morans (yeah, I know)to task lately. Maybe he's turning over a new leaf.

    My beef with Fred is his use of anecdote as fact and his willingness to ignore facts that don't support his position. He and I can work that out. Or not. It'll be okay.

    RDW is what it is, what it is in just the same way as The Happy Circumstance. It is a place for personal opinion and reflects the sensibilities and tastes of its blogmaster. I'm not going to ask him to change to suit me. If he's going to keep building windmills I will keep going over there to tilt at them, though. Dulcinea expects it of me.

  12. Thank you Grumps and 3rd way.

    As to Kay's private discipline nonsense.

    If I need to ask someone to tone it down, I prefer to do that privately.

    I learned long ago not to do anything like that in public, do it in private.

    Kay is being her typical self hitting me for a policy that makes sense and spinning it away from what it is into something it is not.

    I've had private conversations with Grumps and 3rd way.

    I've asked Grumps about ethical issues as I value his opinion and I know he is a straight shooter.

    I've defended Democrats, I've attacked Republicans.

    Frankly I'm nothing like the way most of you people portray me.

    I've kept my conversations with Fair Play private, she has used mine publicly.

    One thing is certain, no matter what I do some of you will attack it as a default position.

  13. Fred-

    Just so you know-there is a difference between private discipline and verbal/emotional abuse. Try to keep that in mind.