Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hating the Hate Left

Yesterday, Other Side put up this post, expressing his views on how he feels the right side manufactures their viewpoints.

Sykes, exercising his right to selective outrage, replicates this post on his site. Before he pastes in Other Side's post, he leads this off with:
This is from a local left hate blog that prides itself, ironically, enough on 'exposing" insensitivities by conservatives in the media... I've reproduced the post in it's entirety....(except for editing the vulgarity.)

And, yes, they really do hate you.

I am curious how he comes to that conclusion. Perhaps he feels that anyone that would hold to his viewpoint, even though it often shifts in the win (like on McCain), is his enemy. The whole Bushlike "You're either with us, or you're against us" type of micrencephaly.

Too bad for Sykes, he waters down his own message. First, he never really explains what he is upset about. Secondly, he confuses the reader with his Left Hate phrase. I thought we were the Hate Left. Again, maybe he just can't make up his mind.

But to really weaken his message, he thinks we forgot about how he thought deriding and ridiculing the concept of peace was "brilliant" and "pure genius." Or how he acted the martyr when he was politely asked to take that truly offensive piece of garbage down, by such nefarious individuals like rabbis, priests and ministers.

But of course, Sykes should have been aware that if he was going to be acting indignant about Other Side's post, it probably would have been smart not to have just posted a racial joke just a few posts ahead of his hypocritical sanctimonious chicanery.

But the real thing that Sykes seems to forget, the key answer to his vile attempt to make something out of nothing, are the words of someone he knows and loves like no other: himself.

You’re offended? So what? No, really. So what?


  1. After posting the racial joke, why is Sykes on the air?

    Guess if a right wingnut doe sit the other wing nuts say, So what, no really so what?

    Speaking of wing nuts, guess who's back. She is amazing. The woman who shrieks leave my children out of this leads off her first post in over a week with a picture of?

    Her kid clapping at a Huckabee rally which turns into a plug for her column at the Freeman.

    Follows that up with some incoherent babbling about the dearth of investigative reporters which turns into a plug for her online newspaper at UWM and a knock on the Journal.

    Then I can't tell you where I was but it was with important people and, yawn, one last knock on the Journal.

    We get it McBride you're still ticked off cuz' they canned you.

  2. Why let blatant hypocrisy stand in the way of laughable forays into fake high dudgeon? Isn't that what these squawkers get paid to do?