Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's A Dirty Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

A little while ago, krshorewood alerted us to an enigmatic post by Professor McAdams about Whallah's commenting policy. While perusing and commenting on the good professor's post, I had encounter with Mary from Freedom Eden. Mary has made this comment:

Capper, your "refutations" are riddled with vicious remarks. Any elements of satire are lost in the slime. That's the point.

To depict your blog as a platform for the voiceless is silly. How is anyone on the Right trying to take away your right to voice your opinions? You obviously aren't being silenced.

If you believe that the local conservative media are lying or promoting hateful positions, then lay out your case. If you have proof, then offer it.

Why take the luster off your brilliance by debasing yourself? Share it in a manner that earns the respect of others, especially those on the Right.
2:05 AM

I tried to respond further, but the professor apparently tired of our conversation and wouldn't allow further comments through.

But as I did when the wise and wonderful James Wigderson offered me constructive criticism, I took time to seriously consider her comments.

While I thank her for her compliment, offered in a back-handed way as it may be, I'm afraid I cannot meet her request.

The killer to the deal was the last sentence of her comment: "Share it in a manner that earns the respect of others, especially those on the Right."

There are many conservative bloggers that I do respect (and I hope respect me), and have had, for the most part, amicable interactions both in public and in private. Heck, if anyone reads my stuff on folkbum's, they know I even met a real live conservative blogger, and not only survived (although I am still finding bits of duct tape), but made a new friend out of it.

But there are some conservatives, well, to be honest, I don't want their respect, for I have very little for them, or at least for some of their posts.

For example, Sykes thought that the whole COEXIST bumper sticker thing was "brilliant" and "pure genius". Well, as I have been informed by a member of the royal court, the person who came up with that piece of offense has been at it again. This time, instead of religious bigotry, it is just pure racism. And while I am told by a trusted friend that this blogger is overall a nice guy, and I really do want to believe that, I find it harder and harder to do so.

And McIlheran thinks another guy is just "Caustic and Pungent" but in "a refreshing way." The things that McIlheran thinks of refreshing is blatant bigotry. Not only does this blogger do things like this, but he makes frequent comparisons to anyone he doesn't like to Nazis, cannot refer to most liberals without making fun of their name or just flat out insulting them, and is now also telling sophomoric ethnic jokes.

So, while I appreciate Mary's sentiment, and what she is trying to say, I hope she understands that sometimes when you deal with slime, it does tend to be dirty work. And if people are able to come up with this type of garbage, I really don't care if they like me or not.


  1. Yes, telling Polish jokes in Milwaukee. That's a real winner. There are a number of taverns I could pick where I would like for him to tell this joke out loud, especially if he can translate the hollow-chested sneer that he writes with into actual spoken words.

    He's just bursting out of his skin, though, because he can't share all the black and Jewish jokes I'm sure are in his repertoire (repatware)with his broader audience. I'm sure it will all be papered over with some of that good ol', "Hey, have a sense of humor," bs.

  2. This might irritate some, but peal back a layer or two on many who hold conservative views and you will find a racist. So for the truth because that can be irritating.

    In the business world I have met a number of people who tell racist jokes. Used to put up with it when I was younger but no more.

    Peal back a couple of layers in their opposition to government and you will find the myth that much of government spending goes to support minorities.

    Now it is time to head into the whine cellar.