Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here's Johnny

Even though he has been proclaimed the "King of the Hate Left" by authoritative sources, King capper attempted to appeal to our better angels last night as he took quill in hand and reminded us (or you can scroll down) about our civility as participants in the blogosphere, something I myself should keep in mind.

In a brilliant move Jovial John McAdams the funniest jester in the land, received this proclamation, and decided the best tactic was to confuse all of us. This is the portion of King capper's squib he reproduced:
I realize how tempting it is to become personal when writing about these people. It is also very difficult to exercise self-control, when those on the right do not. They will often vilify us, call us names, and make things very personal. But, this does not excuse us from our own behaviors.

Just as I do not hold terrorists to the standard that I judge my behavior, I do not hold these right wing hatemongers as a standard with which to use as a comparison. Because they choose to make base, false, and abusive comments, we do not need to stoop to their level.
To which McAdams replies..."he doesn't get...he just doesn't get it?"

May I add -- ?????

For fun posters, try to determine either what King capper doesn't get, or what John McAdams doesn't get, which I believe is probably --- not enough sleep.

As far as Dr. McAdams, I think Bette Midler many years ago summed it up best to Ed McMahon after she cracked a joke. "You don't get it because you don't get it."

Before the humorless cry for my head on a pike (remembering the legend of Illusionary Tenant), let me also remind that as Rodney Dangerfield put, "these are what you call jokes."


  1. Thank you good Sir Shorewood, for pointing out this knave's posting, for it is usually unworthy of my royal attention. I leave this sort of thing to my Royal Barrister.

    This once, though, I did grant the Professor and audience. Let us see if he posts.

  2. I just went over and posted at the warrior's site. Of course my post has to be approved since any decent warrior needs all the time possible to consider the suitable response.......
    Also, if John keeps reminding people of the "horse" thing I'm going to ask him when he free for drinks ;)

  3. Oh, I got so distracted with the comment approval I forgot to add that I'm confused by his confusion over what it is he thinks you don't get...

  4. I don't bother with the Doc unless for some bizarre reason he links to me. I do, however, look forward to the day when I'm referred to for something other than the reason my name keeps popping up here.

    I'm not a benchmark, or a measuring stick, and everyone else seems to have gotten over "l'affaire" long ago.

  5. My apologies IT for bringing up a sore spot, but do understand we felt your pain and this illustrates that for a group habitually dishing out invective they jump on the slightest whiff when any of us slip go over the line.

    There are others in the liberal blogosphere and certainly tons more on the right who commit far worse infractions. You should count this as a mulligan. You do fine work otherwise.

    As for Dr. McAdams, he is at it on the same post. I have no idea how a Marquette Warrior with skin so thin you can see his continually exploding spleen can go into battle. Guess that's why he picks on those weaker than him such as peace activists.

  6. It's not so much a sore spot as just ... old. Anyway, just my two cents. I know, I barely qualify as a third-tier lefty hate blogger these days, let alone royalty. But as long as I'm not completely excommunicated, I'll be fine.

  7. iT-

    Thou willst always be a honored member of my royal court.