Monday, January 21, 2008

And She Would Know Bias-Update

Before the weekend, we saw McBride's hypocrisy and selective outrage at the so-called liberal bias of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In the comments section, there was a comment from JB with a link to the Chief's blogsite, which highlighted the sensibility of the articles focus on TOMMY!:

I really don't know what to make of Jessica McBride's weird post on Darshan Dhaliwal, the gas station owner currently under investigation for sketchy business practices in Milwaukee. McBride's pissed that the MJS didn't mention his financial contributions to other candidates (more on this in a second) and that's fine, but is anyone really surprised that the article focused on Dhaliwal's relationship with Tommy Thompson? After all, it's one thing to be a donor, it's quite another to be an intimate associate...

You can read the rest here.

On further news, apparently, McBride complained to the paper, as she has a new post, in which the reporter responded that no bias was intended. McBride, however, was having no part of this. Her refusal to accept this might have been due to another line the reporter included in her email to McBride (emphasis mine):

As difficult as it might be to accept for those who thrive on stoking division in the community, I sincerely hope the explanation quells any concerns or confusion about bias and motivation on my part or the part of the Journal Sentinel.

Mmm, it appears she knows about McBride as well.

Well, McBride was going to let this go and apparently wrote to the editors of the paper, which we already know to be conservative, who have printed a correction.

We're waiting to see if she changes the name of her blog to "McBride: Public Avenger." Well, that's more likely than McBride correcting any inaccuracies on her site.


  1. Oh but it was so kind of her to put a link to her original post 4 inches belwo with no intervening posts. Maybe she forgot she hadn't stained the pages of her blog with divisive tripe in between.

  2. I guess her second brilliant post of the day wasto let us know she doesn't cook.

  3. "Apparently" she emailed them and contaced the editors???

    Let's see, was that an email to McBride or blog post?

    At the very least, let's try to get the little things straight...

  4. Charles Foster KaneJanuary 21, 2008 at 1:28 AM


    Even if everyone agrees with you it doesn't mean you are right.

    But since they don't, you certainly are not.

  5. Anony 1246: Stop stealing my posts please.

    Anony 116: Thank you for pointing out the PI blog. It does not eliminate the distinct potential that McBride emailed everyone about it. She has been known to that sort of thing before.

  6. Will Charley and Belling praise McBride for chastising the Wuakesha County DA for not running the office like her husband?

  7. Oops guess it was Belling not the articulate journalism faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that brought the high powered Journal Sentinel to its knees.

    Or does McBride want to claim that Belling is plagiarize her scoops?

  8. Seems her Freeman article reference to Ahab was nottoo origina either. Michelle Malkin just happened to have a blog post titled, Dan Rather, the Captain Ahab of journalism on her blog on January 9th.