Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dumb Ass Comments Of The Week

Even as James T. Harris got his post right, he has a comment by a James Pawlak which qualifies as the dumb ass comment of the week:
Curious that the Milwaukee media has not reported on the name of the bar from which this "gentleman" went to his death OR the description of the offenders (Latinos?) OR called on the City Aldermen to shut down that Bar as they did for one where there was a justifiable killing of thugs by armed security guards.

And to make sure he clinched this dubious honor, he also leaves an equally repulsive comment on the site of Dad29, who had posted on the same subject:
Of course the Milwaukee Urinal will not publish the name of the bar (Did it fly a rainbow banner at half-staff) or the description of the Latino killers and, if they are taken, the fact of their citizenship status.

Mr. Pawlak, it doesn't matter where he was before he was robbed and murdered, nor does it matter what his sexual orientation might have been. The ethnicity of the killers also does not matter. What matters is that a person was senselessly murdered.

To indicate otherwise does not help the matter at all, nor does it do anything to prevent further similar tragedies. It only serves to make you look like a dumb ass.


  1. It would be hard work picking out the most prize worthy dumb ass comments of the week. Maybe I should start the dumb ass comment of the day.

    I am not sure who would win yesterdays prize. It would either be the guy at Boots and Sabers that claimed he wouldn't vote because he didn't want a Rebulican to be blamed for the failing economy, or the guy at Kay's place that said he wouldn't shoot Obama because it would be a waste of ammo.

  2. Whoops... those darn Rebulicans.

  3. If this poster believes that the sexual identity of the victim is somehow relevant, then it is necessarily so that he (and it must be a he) believes that the habits, customs and norms of his right-wing media heroes are exposed. I'm sure there's one or two confirmed bachelors and adulterers in there, and their motivations must be explored within that context, correct?

    (At least he didn't make any lame "Brokeback Mountain" references, so there's that. And that James Harris better pipe down if he's going to speak sympathetically about folks who live in the inner-city.)

  4. What is Pawlak's citizenship status? Are his papers in order? Can he prove that he does not sleep with men? HE MUST ANSWER, or vee put him in zee camp.

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