Monday, January 14, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

When I went to bed last night, I was but a modest man who had defended an honest man who was being persecuted by those who sought to quiet his voice.

This morn, I have found myself given the title King of the Hate Left. To my further amazement, I found people, both near and far, praising me and calling me by this title. I was sorely stunned by these turn of events.

But, after much thought, though I lief remain that modest man, trying to promote the values of truth, liberty and justice, I found that I could no longer be so. Thusly, though, yea verily, I fear that this crown shall weigh heavily upon by burdened brow, I humbly and gratefully accept this honor that hath been bestowed on me.

But, my brethen and sisters, do not capitulate, nor genuflect to the likes of me. No, rather, stand up, my people, my brave knights of goodness, my dear friends. Stand up and stand with me, for together we shall seek, and find, and protect the holiest of holies, the all-powerful Liberal Template!

Who will stand with me, in this just and greatest of endeavors? Stand up and be counted, I say!
Forsooth, you are all dear to me, and I can think of no greater honor, I ask no greater boon, than to have you at my side.

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