Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today's TV: InterCHANGE

I decided to tune in to InterCHANGE, to see how our new favorite squawker was going to do. First of all, this man has no right calling anyone else "Cheesecake Breath" or "Pillsbury Doughboy". He is a well-fed man himself. The next thing is that he needs to control his arms. He was flailing around his arms so much I kept getting a mental image of a turtle on its back trying to right itself.

Then, there was the topics:

First of all, Fischer is in deep denial of how the Repubs are doing. If one were to listen to him, one would believe that Giuliani, Romney, McCain and Huckabee were all holding hands and singing gospel songs. He was in complete denial of the sniping that was going on with the Repubs.

He did take excessive glee at the verbal sparring that has been occuring between Clinton and Obama. He would mention it every chance he got.

He, like Sykes, whined about the federal tax rebate. It was the usual spin about how the poor ultrarich pay so much in taxes, but was quickly shot down by Kathleen Dunn. He did make quite a face, which was meant to be dismissive of Ms. Dunn, but just made him look silly. Fischer did admit that he was anxious to get the money in his hands though.

To his credit, I did agree with his take on why the Packers lost last week.

And a word to PBS: Please get Mr. Fischer a bigger chair that he can fit in.


  1. "mental image of a turtle on its back trying to right itself"

    a unique image indeed

  2. who else is on the show, im not sure one fat repub is enough to get me to tune in

  3. Kathleen Dunn from NPR and Gerard Randall were the other two panelists. I don't know who the host was, but he said he wasn't the regular host anyway.

    For those not familiar, Gerard Randall was the Chair of the Private Industry Council until Mayor Tom Barrett and the City of Milwaukee took it over last year. Randall, and the PIC board, weren't doing their jobs and creating jobs, so the State of Wisconsin gave it to the city.

  4. I have no kind feelings for Kevin Fischer, dating back to his days at WTMJ. However, the personal comments about his weight are unnecessary.

  5. Joel McNally is a regular, and the temp host (old brain--name has escaped on a segway) usualy does a little satyrical commentary, song and dance at show's end. He is generally liberal, the regular host, Dan (erm, got away,) was obviously not there.

    Fischer is the best part of the show. I think if he actually got out of the chair he would break wind. He always puts McNally in fits of giggles.

  6. Anony 8:16-

    Normally, I would agree with you. In fact, I had to eliminate one comment that became too gratuitous with remarks on Fischer's appearance.

    I made my comments in the post solely for the reason of showing that it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, when Fischer made the disparaging remarks about Mr. Kowalski.

    I am a man of considerable girth, and know that physical appearances are not worthy of discussion.