Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Topic Suggestions For Sykes

Just last night, I wrote about Sykes citing another blogger that works to discredit some billboards that display some of Scott Walker's major failings as County Executive.

A grassroots group naming themselves "Citizens for 'Honest' talk radio" have sent Charlie the following email, with some possible topic subjects for today's show:

Those billboard ads blaming Scott Walker wouldn't be like "SWIFT BOATING"? Perhaps you could explain the difference this morning on your show.

Also, how can you, with your reputation, support a "liar" for County Executive? It's in writing, etc that says, "I will NOT run in 2008". Maybe explain that too.

Something tells me he will be still too despondent about Giuliani's electoral belly-flop to cover these pressing issues.


  1. Newsflash for Sykes.

    Nobody trusts a guy that's had three wives. How many right wingers will eliminate from public service?

  2. "Citizens for 'Honest' talk radio"

    That's a lost cause right out of the gate.

  3. It is not merely that Sykes is an adulterer whose embarrassment was made public when he was caught in a tacky engagement with his latest mistress-cum wife (a previous wife went on assistance, making him, literally, a deadbeat). He also has admitted to libel. He was caught (by a nun, of all people) fabricating quotes while he was at the Journal. And he has consistently coarsened the tone of the debate in Milwaukee, marshalling racist code words and using outright brutishness. Yes, a standardbearer it takes great cynical leaps to stand behind.

    But I cannot agree with some on the left who have said that he has somehow risen to prominence because he is popular and it is a free-market response. No, there is no transparency in this market, no scale and no choice in Milwaukee. We are the goose and the largest media company in our state is shoving him down our throats, mainly owing to an ideological/political crusading tendency by its management.

    Sykes is a narcissist, thin-skinned and vain (witness his lame and embarrassing claims to scholarship), but hardly deluded. No, I don't believe a fan of pornography who publicly shamed his wives would actually embrace in his heart the benighted banshee wails of his "public."

    Remember how ridiculous he looked at those pro-war rallies, the bullied kid in the bully pulpit? His dad was a liberal and he grew up in suburban comfort, so there is some strange Freudian ferment. But he knows better, is the crime. He knows better. The brigade of Angry White men he plays to every day (with increasing weariness, as it sounds) don't understand the game. But Sykes knows better. He knows better.

  4. What happense when an irresistable force hits an immovable object?

    Not sure but maybe we'll find out the answer to a similar question. Belling seemed to agree with Obama that Hillary can not win the presidential election.

    Belling says McCain can not win the presidential election because he only has the same 35% base he's had since the grabd canyon was a ditch.

    He predicts that it will be McCain versus Hillary unless something monumentous happens to propel Romney in the next few days.

    So Mark, what will happen when Hillary and McCain face each other?