Monday, January 14, 2008

Royal Decree

Since I have now been annointed the King of the Hate Left, my Royal Barrister, the Lord of Liberals, the Illustrious Illusory One, hath pointed out a very valid and right noble fact.

Now that we have jousted with that miscreant knight, it doth needed to be pointed out that not all of those from the right side of the blogosphere is so petty, so tyrannical. There are many men and women of the conservative persuasion that are right noble and honorable themselves, though we mayst not always agree with their opinions.

There are many worthy and decent adversaries that doth follow the rules of blogging chivalry. They allow free debate, and ask only that we respect them, other commenters, and ourselves. They then doth offer us that same respect. They do indeed have the right to our respect, and we must be honorable ourselves by paying them that courtesy as we verbally joust with them.

These worthy foes include: Sir Dad29 the Pious, Sir Patrick the Badger-Hearted, Sir Elliot the Wheeled, Sir Billiam the Duct-Taped, Sir James the Entrepeneural (be gentle with Sir James, for he hath suffered a grievous blow), Sir Paul the Electric, and Lady Phelony, to name but a few.

Yea, verily, these stalwarts deserve our respect, even as we spar with them. As for the Knights that say Squawk, eh, not so much.


  1. Ya! When your armour is falling apart, come see me. My duct tape is your duct tape. I'm sure there's a Latin way to say that. I'll have to check with pops, I mean Dad29... heheh

  2. Yea, verily, Sir Billiam proves me true in my words. Thou art a truly noble Knight of the Duct-Taped Table.

    Sir Dad will certainly correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Latin is "Minum Ducttaperum est Sunum Ducttaperum, Too" or sumthin' like dat.

    Good to see ya, Bill.

  3. Yer killin' me! I like your translation, but I think Dad will likely gag at it! Good to see you too... I'm starting to hate snow!

  4. What is this, the Ren Faire?

    I applaud the sentiment, though. There are those who don't bait, who suffer their critics gladly, and who don't ever let the party get so unruly as to use the big ban stick.

  5. The question I have is do you have a position in mind for me? I'm hoping to someday be a member of the court.

  6. Of course, Zach, I have a position for you in my court. John as well, although I am not sure quite what yet. Any suggestions?

  7. Your royal decree is the best post I have read this year.

    All hail the king.