Tuesday, January 15, 2008

McIlheran Gets Low Grade On Logic

Jay Bullock, the man of a thousand blogs, takes time out to refute some of McIlheran's (and by default, Sykes') bogus arguments about school choice and supposed plan that had been cancelled anyway. Jay ends with this conclusion:

So there's your choice logic: We can't make these voucher schools take expensive-to-teach students, because they don't have the money. And, hey, look at that, vouchers are a bargain! McIlheran is trying to have it both ways with a heads I win-tails you lose argument. It's a deal stacked against MPS.
You can read how he filets the arguments of Sykes and McIlheran here.

I am afraid that this will not slow them down from continuously squawking about it.

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