Monday, January 21, 2008

Beware Of The Hyenas!

From a letter to the editor in MSJ's Saturday issue (emphasis mine):


Focus should be on talent and ideas

I read the Journal Sentinel article, "Clinton, McCain bounce back in N.H." with glee (Jan. 9). It's not because Hillary Clinton is my favorite candidate; she is not. Rather, it is that I want to see our conservative, right-wing radio talk show hosts collectively squirm in their seats.

These little men have been harassing her like a herd of rabid, flesh-ripping hyenas. The daily drumbeat goes on and on: Clinton shows too much cleavage, she is too cold and calculating, she is too weepy, she is too emotional, she laughs too loud and so on. These spinmeisters grab on to absolutely every detail and put a negative twist to it.

After a while, it gets repulsive and disgusting, and one can't help but wonder why grown men can predictably, and at length, behave in such a manner. What is their goal?

Groundless character assassination is not necessary; the best candidate will prevail. This country is dying for new leadership, and we should be grateful that there are people with the fortitude and ambition to take on this formidable task. Is it possible that these back-biting tactics will keep some good and talented people out of the race? I surely think so.

Fritz Jusak

Couldn't have said it better myself. And for the record, my name is not Fritz Jusak, nor do I live in Germantown.


  1. I wonder what the right wing blabbermeisters will saying about the Bush UberEconomy this week? With 12 of the last 20 years spent wandering aimlessly in the Bushs it's amazing the economy didn't tank earlier.

    Maybe they can haul out Jeb before the convention to finish the pillaging and plundering.

  2. Kind of an odd post for a blog created to do the same with McBride, isn't it?

  3. Kind of an odd comment from someone who wrote:

    If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?

    Revealing my opponents deepest, darkest secret and mocking it in public.

  4. In the presence of such intellect and wit, must I genuflect?

    What is Drinking Right?

    Drinking Right is a monthly social gathering that originated when a few Milwaukee bloggers got together to, well, drink.

    Originally intended as a one-off to celebrate Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants, it quickly became apparent that we needed to do it again. At the suggestion of someone unable to make such a monumental event--and was therefore tormented via phone--the regular gathering was officially christened Drinking Right.

    As an aside, the original idea was Drinking Conservatively. Somehow that seemed, well, inaccurate)

    Now you may think that Drinking Right is simply a right-wing, gun-totin', warmongering, Bush-loving, neocon takeoff of Drinking Liberally. Not true! It started in Wisconsin, where concealed carry is not legal, so the gun totin' thing, for the most part, doesn't apply.

    It's about being drinking.

    posted by David Casper

  5. Anony, how I choose to wrestle has nothing to do with this.

    And don't get me wrong, I proudly own one of the very first Whallah! t-shirts made and wear it regularly. I'm just saying that it seems a bit ironic to point out a comment like "These little men have been harassing her like a herd of rabid, flesh-ripping hyenas." in regards to Hillary on a blog dedicated to doing that to Jessica.

    Also, thanks for the Drinking Right plug!

  6. Anony 1231 and Anony 1243-

    This is not RDW! We will treat our guests with respect, or go elsewhere.

    Mr. Casper, I understand your confusion, but let me point out that it is odd that you put your comment on a post about talk radio in general, and to get here, you had to pass a posting about Sykes and about McIlheran.

    Whallah! was indeed created with McBride as the specific objet de notre affections, but we have expanded our horizons a wee bit.

    Admittedly, it is still like shooting fish in a barrel, but hey, everyone needs a pasttime. Furthermore, this venue allows the left to confront the hypocrisies, inconsistencies, and yes, the foibles, of the right, as that they will not face us directly.

    And thank you for your patronage.

  7. Agreed, capper. Dave was a purchaser of the original t-shirt and I can vouch for him. We deride attacks on commenters at conservative sites, we ask that it not be done here.

    Besides, being conservative doesn't mean a person is all bad ... and Dave is cool.