Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Good To Be The King

Yesterday, Mr. Dooley decides to visit Whallah! and leaves a comment, albeit an angry and snarky one. To the surprise of at least one reader, it was left, as that Whallah! encourages discussion, real debate, if you will.

Thinking this was a breakthrough, I went to RDW and left two messages. The first was admittedly a snarky one about the upcoming AFP convention (otherwise known as the unofficial Republican convention):

I could save y'all some time and money.

Here it is:

Taxes bad.

Liberals bad.

High profits good.

Tax breaks to wealthy good.

There, now you got a weekend free. Maybe kick a homeless person, or taunt an elderly lady, while you're at it.
01.16.08 - 1:04 am #

King of the hate left strikes again
Fred Homepage 01.16.08 - 7:21 am #

It's good to be the King!
capper 01.16.08 - 8:38 am #

I also left a comment on a post of his in which he annoucnes that he has made his site the "Official Packer Blog." As you can see there was no breakthrough after all (although, to his credit, he did leave them up, and didn't ban me, yet):

I must admit a certain amount of jealousy here. I wish I had thought of this first.
capper 01.16.08 - 1:05 am #

Perhaps if you expanded your horizons a bit you might think of doing something other than attaxking rightie...I point you to the ridiculous hypocrisy of One Wisconsin Now...Applying standards differently is so easy to write about.If you have any standards to begin with.
Fred Homepage 01.16.08 - 7:24 am #

Wow, I give you a compliment, you respond with an insult. And I thought I was supposed to be the king of hate.
capper 01.16.08 - 8:39 am #

Sigh. Oh, well. To cheer myself and my royal friends up, a little up lifting music, going out to my BFF, Mr. Dooley:


  1. Well W tried but he couldn't beat his dad. Inflation rate worse in 17years. Well after over 7 years in office, George JR. got worst the inflation rate in 17 years. Who was pres in 1990, uhhhh George Bush?

    The first word in W is DUH, we try harder

  2. Mr. Dooley also could make his the "Official Blog of Autoerotic Strangulation." Wouldn't change how dumb it is and, more criminally, how boring.

  3. Hey Capper,

    Think Freddy might be a bit obssessed with the "hate left?"

  4. Not really. He just wants to say the PC things for a right wing squawk hawk. Probably wants to be on Sunday Suckups with Sykes. If Charlie turns on Jessica tomorrow Freddy will fry her. And they say WE drink the kool aid?