Friday, January 11, 2008

And Now, For The Rest Of The Story

In my morning travels, I thought I'd tune in to Charlie, just to see if he would give me something to write about. Within ten minutes, he did.

He started to go off about some super secret meeting that the vast left wing conspiratorial state law makers were going to hold in plotting to kill school choice. I didn't get to hear that part of the story because it takes Sykes twenty minutes to make a point.

What I did hear was Sykes smearing State Senator Lena Taylor, who is running against Sykes' buddy, Scott "The Weasel" Walker, as well as smearing State Senator Pedro Colon. Sykes' smear involved the tired old ploy that Senators Taylor and Colon are against school choice, and tried to kill it in last years budget talks. His rationale for this is that they two senators did not back Mayor Tom Barrett's proposal regarding school choice.

Well, he is right on that point. Senator Taylor didn't back Barrett's proposal.

The rest of the story, which Charlie doesn't want the people to know, is that she didn't back it because it would have raised the property taxes of the citizens of the City of Milwaukee. What she did is find a better way that saved the taxpayers some money, and brought in even more funding for Milwaukee than Mayor Barrett's plan would have. You can see further evidence of this fact in pieces written by the "semi-retired" Seth Zlotocha and the sagacious mentor of new bloggers, Jay Bullock.

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