Monday, January 14, 2008

Leading By Example

Forsooth, a good king leads his people not with an iron fist, but by example. Verily, the day previous, I had posted on an article by one of the Knights that say Squawk, pointing out the falsehoods with which he was trying to beguile the good people of Milwaukee.

Truly, I must have set a good example for my fellow knights. For this day, we fine that others have taken up arms in defense of the good people of Milwaukee.

Sir Paul the Wise and Mustachioed points out that WMC needs to be muzzled, and prevented from doing more sabotage to the business community in Wisconsin.

We also find that Brew City Brawler, the Arch (put up your)Duke(s) of Deliberateness points out that McIlheran fails to point out that one of the anonymous critics that McIlheran refers to is none other than the National Catholic Reporter newspaper.

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