Thursday, January 24, 2008

Almost The Perfect Post

McBride is back, and at least for tonight, is actually posting more than one piece. Her first post of the night is about how some conservative talk radio hosts are spewing hateful, vitriolic poison at Huckabee. She encourages them to discuss the issues, and not get so personal.

Looking past the hypocritical nature of the post, considering she has spewed more than enough hate at people in her time (think Eugene Kane, for one), it is actually a good post.

There are some flaws though. The obvious one is the one I already mentioned. It would be better coming from someone who wasn't as hypocritical. The second problem is the second from last paragraph (emphasis hers):

Personally, I am more of a tax-and-terror conservative. I care about social issues like abortion (I am pro-life) but, perhaps because it's a time of war, I place them secondary in this presidential election. I wish there was a candidate who was strong on all the issues, but there's not (except maybe Mitt Romney, and I don't trust him). I've always leaned toward Rudy Giuliani.

She is way off by saying she would rather see babies die, so that more soldiers can die in an unjust war? That is not exactly good Christian values. And no, I won't do the obvious why she might like Rudy line. It's already been done with Sykes.

The third problem with this is in the comments thread. A reader comments about how Huckabee brought the attacks on himself, to which McBride replies:

Romney's gone on the attack too

Tough examination is one thing; vitriol and namecaling (sic) is another.

Again, with the hypocrisy. The worst part is I truly believe she believes it herself.


  1. Personally, I am more of a tax-and-terror conservative.

    I will take her at her word.

  2. Hey Jess,

    Did you form your opinion no Romney beforeor after you and the family watched September Dawn last weekend?

  3. There's nobody who represents her views, except there is. Way to say what you mean! I guess the bar is so low when reading her column that we forget about basic standards of writing, and of logic.

  4. Vitriol

    "...a typical liberal abuse/hate blog." -- Jessica McBride.

  5. Why should she be any different than little Jeff Wagner, who whined about those terrible "Bush haters"...after Clinton was accused of everything from murder to treason. They dish it out but....

  6. Today's Belling show made it clear he does not share the beliefs expounded my the UWM queen of journalism. In no uncertain terms he said he will do what he can to stop McCain and Huckabee,

    McBride should be careful, if she upsets Mark too much he might not take input from her and hubby on what Van Hollen should be doing on things like the Crandon massacre, management of the crime lab, persecuting Governor Doyle and the like and use it on the show to embarass the AG.

  7. Anon 7:50

    Did he actually say that, or are you just presuming this because he continued his attack on McCain?

  8. Capper,
    I heard the broadcast too and I'm not sure if those were the exact words but it was the message he conveyed. I'll listen to the podcast and see if I can post the exact comment

  9. Regarding John McCain.

    "This is why he has to be stopped"